Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bookaholic (is there such a word?)

For the first week of Christmas break, I was able to read 3 books (Elipse, Breaking Dawn, and Gossip Girl). What do you call a person getting addicted to reading? Because I could classify myself as one - lol. I don't know. It is the only thing that I would like to do the entire day.

Tomorrow I'll start doing the 'school stuff'. That includes the AVP for seminar and Asian Civ. (I just hope the cd still works), and the NLE self-review.

I need to tell you this. Finally, yes, finally, my mom bought that book of Arlene Chai (The Last Time I Saw Mother). I couldn't explain the sudden rise of giddiness when my mom handed me the book.

Anyways, I promised to read this book first, no, not just read, I mean, read from start to the very last page. I bought this a year ago and I still find it hard to continue on reading it. But I'll try, will really try...

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