Monday, December 22, 2008


I actually don't know what to write. I just feel like blogging - that's it. Finally, I'm done with Eclipse. I love the story. I took a break after reading it for hours! After this, I'm planning to pack my scrub suit and other stuff I needed for my DR completion, and then I'll resume again to reading (Gossip Girl, Breaking Dawn, and another Bob Ong book). I'll never get tired of reading - lol.

All I want for Christmas and on my 21st birthday are books and more books!

Hours ago, my father played his favorite cd. It's actually an album of love songs and it made me think of my present crisis - intimacy vs. isolation. Urgh! I hate it. I keep on making it clear that I wouldn't commit into a relationship not until I'm done with medical school which is too soon.

Another random...
After that event, I don't know how to bring back the emotions again to start writing. Every time I wanted to put something in here, there is just simply a force that's withholding me though I know my limitations by now.

I just hope the holidays will sweep it away...

I want this!

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