Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I wonder why it's so hard for me to express my emotions. I even find it difficult to say to a person that I love him or her. Because of that, I decided to take an E.Q test online. This is actually the second time and still, it reveals the same result: below average E.Q.

You scored 55% correct!
Remember you responses need to have been as honest as possible. If you feel that your score does not reflect you, please retake the test and answer each question in the way that best represents the way you typically feel.

Your score indicates that you have a below average EQ.

People that typically score in this range sometimes have trouble recognising and understanding their feelings. They are not always able to express their feelings in the most appropriate manner. They often have doubts and concerns about who they really are. They do not have much confidence in themselves and in their abilities. In most circumstances, they have a difficult time showing love, empathy and compassion for other people. In general, they are not comfortable with intimacy.

They also have trouble communicating with other people. They struggle with getting in tune with themselves and those around them. They may sometimes say the wrong thing at the wrong moment. They sometimes find it hard to show their anger or deal with anger directed at them. At times they are unable to stand up for themselves when hurt or they are handle confrontation inappropriately. They may have trouble admitting when they are wrong; and when they do make mistakes, they are often uncomfortable apologising to those they hurt.

People with below average EQ may also have low levels of self-worth. They do not like challenges or commitment and are afraid of change. They have a difficult time staying motivated and focused when they have set unattainable goals for themselves. They are fairly pessimistic about themselves and their future.

However, one great thing about emotional intelligence is that it's fluid! A person can increase their EQ at any point of their life! People with below average EQ can start by learning how to identify their emotions and take responsibility for them. There are many resources to help. People with low EQ can read books about EQ and social skills, find out about anger management courses and communication skills courses, join a support group or see a counsellor. They can keep a diary of their emotions, and ask their friends to help them recognise the things about themselves that need correcting. If these things are done there is no doubt that they can increase their emotional intelligence and live a healthy, happy life.

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