Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This day is suppose to be a 'clutter clean-up day' and yet I end up watching a movie:

This is a story of a man swallowed up whole by guilt. He hit a boy and since then, he had not been sleeping. It's indeed an extraordinary kind of insomnia. It's a guilt-induced insomnia. He became nuts after that. He lose weight and keep on seeing people who don't even exist in reality. After having an accident in the company to where he works, he suspects his co-workers of plotting against him.

After realizing that all of his thoughts were just products of his guilt, he went to the police station to report a hit-and-run case that he had committed a year ago. Since then, he learned how to sleep. Nice, huh?

*Human mind is simply amazing. It controls our emotions, and event the way we see things. Indeed, how we see or feel towards a certain thing or event could change as long as we get in touch with our brain. Human brain is really interesting.

*Sanity vs. Insanity.
During our N.C.M lecture on psychological disorders, our teacher did mention that it's hard to determine whether a person is insane or not because our norms vary. What may be normal for me may not be normal to another person or group. That complicates everything.

I'm drawn towards books and movies that reveal much of the workings of our brain. With that, I realize I like that field. Probably, I would specialize in neurology someday or maybe study more on psychology.

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