Sunday, December 21, 2008


I was indeed inspired by Bob Ong's first book:

So right now, I am thinking (and actually doing it) of writing some of the highlights of my 14 years stay in school (6 years in elementary, 4 years in high school, and another 4 years in college). Oops, I forgot another 3 years for nursery, and kindergarten years.

Nursery - the only thing I could remember was our classroom. It was actually a daycare center. All I could remember was that I took part in singing the Christmas carols (it was a presentation).

Kinder 1 - hide and seek! Yeah, I love that game. And my first guilt came in. That's when the other parents criticize my work (it's damn too good for a 5 year old girl to make). Life was simple then. If I find the assignment difficult, I let my mom make it - lol.

Kinder 2 - origami. Crap, I cried because I couldn't catch up with our teacher - hehehe.

Grade 1 - first crush. I think 80% of the girls got a crush on that guy.

Grade 2 - first time being on top (Top 1).

Grade 3 - menarche (too early).

Grade 4 - for the first time, I joined a singing contest. I don't have a glass-breaking voice and the confidence needed so I end up getting the 4th runner-up prize.

Grade 5 - my English teacher asked me to write an article and after reading what I made, she told me that I could join the school paper - just imagine the thrill that I felt at that moment.

Grade 6 - I felt the pressure of being the class president!

1st year high school - first love (*aw*).

2nd year high school - I got super busy with school stuff (school paper, YLO governor, etc).

3rd year high school - I was able to participate in an inter-school sports festival (table tennis).

4th year high school - the joy and pain of leaving my Alma Mater and not to mention, my classmates...

1st year college - culture shock!

2nd year college - mas na-culture shock! First friend: Kyzelle (a.k.a Ken)

3rd year college - pressure, pressure, and more pressure...

4th year college - presently, I'm starting to prepare myself for the real battle that lies ahead after graduation.

What I learned...
*Crying is not always the best remedy to problems though it doesn't hurt to cry either.
*Boys come and go but friends stay.
*The world won't stop revolving and rotating just because you got a problem. Life goes on so if obstacles made their way to block you, stand up. Failures are just part of it.
*Moms know best but that doesn't mean that you have to follow them all the time. Sometimes, you have to listen to what your mind is telling you.
*People could be harsh. But they couldn't hurt you unless you give them the consent to do it so.
*Getting bored only means you have done what you ought to do (at that moment).
*The whole world might turn its back on you but your family offer their backs for you to cry on when the latter happens.
*Happiness is subjective.
*There's no such thing as first love but there's what we call as 'true love'.
*The best thing to do when you are depress - eat some chocolates and read a book!
*Life doesn't just happen, WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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