Friday, December 26, 2008

Mac Arthur and Dreams

I was just through reading another book.

It's one of Bob Ong's works.

Unlike the his other books that I already had read, this one is different because it's a story of four people whose lives gone astray because of drugs. But just like the other three books, this one is also an eye-opener, full of wisdom.

There's a part of the story where Tatay asked Noel of his dream. Noel had never thought of that for quite a long time. After a while, he told the old man that he wanted to become a pilot. I never thought that he would still like to become one after all the troubles that he had caused to himself and to his family. Talking about dreams, I wonder what I really want to become.

When I was in fourth year high school, I decided to take Chemical Engineering because of the lamest reason that I love Chemistry subject. But my mom won't agree with me. Here in the Philippines, the parents' decision has a bearing in one's choice, besides they will be the one to spend a whole lot of money for your education. She gave me two choices: to take up Commerce or BSN. I choose the latter becuase I find the previous quite boring. Every time people ask me why I took up nursing I lie and tell them it's because I like it. I don't want to sound coward and admit that I took it just because I don't have a choice. But just like most of my batchmates, we learned to love the field. It's not that hard to do it.

Now, thinking all about it again, I wonder what's the thing that I really want to do or something that I won't grow tired of doing, something that I really LOVE doing. I came up with a vague picture. I really don't know. Some people might laugh at that because of all the people, I am one with no clear scene of what I really want to become. I can't think of a specific profession that would suit this scene in my mind: having an office of my own, receiving clients, and talking with people - I like that idea. Psychologist? Or a doctor? Hmmm..

Anyways, I want to tell you that I decided to take up Psychology while working as a nurse (someday - not too soon). It's not that I don't like becoming a nurse, it's just that I want to stretch the boundaries. Who knows, I might enjoy it or if not, I might enjoy becoming a doctor. By the way, I would like to tell you that becoming a doctor is my childhood dream (I think every child think the same way as I do).

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