Saturday, December 27, 2008

Random Entry

Before I hit my notes again for the seminar stuff, let me just post this.

I was reading an entry of another blogger and her quote caught my attention. It's the same quote that I read a few months ago but it is only at this moment that I find the words pierce me inside. It's all about contentment and enjoying life at the same time. Sometimes (or oftentimes for some), we tend to overlook what we have in the present because we're too busy scanning for what's lacking in our lives. The latter infuriates us (admit it or just admit it - okay?). We find ourselves as losers for not having this or that. Indeed we are losers not for having everything that we want but for wanting the people or things that won't be ours. So let's stop that search. Let's settle and enjoy for what we have in the present. Cliche it may seem but it is true that we could lose our diamonds because along the way, we're too busy looking for other stones.

With these thoughts, I could say that I am (and should always be) happy because of..

family. friends. vodka moments. movies. blog. bloggers. awards. books. magazines. brothers. crushes. talents. passion for writing. a knack in arts. and I have ME. :-D

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