Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Finally, the lying-in had decided to call us - lol. For two consecutive days, I already had two cases for cord dressing. Yesterday was my first day of doing the cord dressing (for real). I was really anxious because our last exposure to DR was two years ago and there was this only cord dressing demonstration on a maniquin which is far different from a real baby. I'm looking forward for more cases! More is better - lol, though it makes me febrile as of this moment.

I'm loving this break! I've done a lot of things (read 7 books, had DR cases, watched movies, able to sleep better, etc).


I really don't like to have new year's resolution because oftentimes, these are not actualized. But let me just enumerate what I want to achieve next year:
1. trim down to 110 lbs or 50 kg
2. graduate with flying colors!
3. complete my DR and OR cases before the month of June
4. scuba diving and wall climbing (I'm so excited!)
5. launch the public library
6. do some volunteer job (lying-in or in any medical mission)
7. apply for a job (while waiting for the NLE review to start)
8. become a topnotcher in NLE
9. search for my other half (aw)
10. learn how to play a musical instrument

1 comment:

  1. Apir! im aiming to gain 50kgs :)
    Kudos! goal met for objective number 2.
    what's with the public library? Online?
    jo, i'm planning to volunteer for ces' tuli mission. we'll be trained by doctors. pero gotta be committed daw. ano? tara!