Sunday, February 1, 2009

just another day

Naisip ko lately na babae talaga ako (as if nagdududa pa ako!) kasi nagbabago ang isip ko as frequent as weather changes - lol. Last year, I set my mind to collect books but then just the other day, after seeing how the dust enjoyed settling on top of them, I realized that I have to let them go. So that means selling them! And just last night, someone sent an SMS asking about the books. I'm happy to give them away to give way to the new ones - hehe.

I would like to give a comment on Pan de Pugon's Salami. Yum-yum! Their salami (pocket bread) is the best! My day wouldn't be complete without having a bite on their salami. For two consecutive mornings (12:30 a.m.), I find myself in their store purchasing my all-time-favorite bread!

Have to go! I still have a lot of things to do!

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