Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm sorry for not updating this blog. It seems like it's going to rot anytime soon. So right now I'm writing how I've been these past few days and explain why I'm so busy!

The staffing rotation had started and there are moments when I feel lost and stupid..hehe. But I learned to accept the fact that I DON'T GET IT THE FIRST TIME and hey, I'm still a student so that means, I'm still learning - lol plus I'm still gaining confidence.

We also just had our retreat - the MOST MEMORABLE retreat. We finally had the closure to all conflicts that we had and I cried so hard for the mistakes that I made and for missing my classmates so much - I love you guys!

The seminar was also a thing. It gave us sleepless nights but we had a blast (it's girl power!). And we had started with our creative reporting in Asian Civilization on India which is a combination of video presentation + showcasing our acting skills - hahaha!

What now?
- seminar part II
- looking forward to more experiences in the ward
- enjoying life!

As possible, despite the stress attached to being a student nurse, I don't want to be distressed. Ayoko kayang magkasakit.. Grades are something but they are NOT EVERYTHING!

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