Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Today and tomorrow are students' days. I thought this will be another wasted day but I'm wrong. Each minute passed with a purpose. In the morning, my former classmates (Peony, Grace, Ely, and Clarie) and I joined the Family Feud game on stage! Hahaha! I hardly can believe it. I am an unintentional participant. I was just ambushed by Peony when we meet in the hallway and my gosh, it seems like we haven't seen each other for years! I badly miss her and Ken too. I haven't seen Kyzelle and they told me that she's in a duty. Peony and I catch up with the whereabouts of our lives and studies (of course!). At lunch, Zyra and I had our time - hehe. We are donut lovers! After our meal, we went out and bought some munchkins and donuts (hope we'll not become diabetic in the near future - lol). In the afternoon, Lilet and I had a brief conversation then I went downstairs to watch a movie with Peony and Zyra. I LOVE THE MOVIE (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). Everything's possible - hear, hear! At 5 p.m., Meldz and I meet in the gym and talk again. Whew! I never had talked this much! I'm planning to bring my camera tomorrow. This will be our last students' day so better capture it..:)

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