Monday, February 9, 2009

I Survived!

This day, I was like chasing each second. We have three quizzes in just one day! Can you imagine that? And it's not just an essay-type or true or false type. It has an identification part (I hate memorizing).

>Thank God our instructor cancelled the quiz. Breathe out..

>No miracle at all. We had a quiz on three chapters. I was not able to read the articles of Rizal in La Solidaridad so I guess I got 8 mistakes then.

Asian Civilization..
>Dynasties, rulers, philosophers, poets, etc. I've been reading four chapters of the book (it's all about China) but I think it didn't make sense. The information won't register! Huhuhu.. But thanks to my generous and considerate classmates; I was able to answer the questions that I haven't even studied. Their question and answer review type helps. Kevin and Marky I owe you one!

Just this morning, the office of student affairs called five of us in the room. Candidates for honors daw kami for graduation. Weee! Ooopps.. candidate pa lang.. A lot of things could still happen so I have to strive more and never give up!

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