Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Have you ever felt empty despite being in a state that most people would wish they are in your shoes? I felt that a number of times.

Back in high school..
When the honor students and awardees were announced, I stood emotionless at that very moment. People are already cheering and some are tapping me for a job well done. But I can't understand why I don't feel the same way as they do. I treated my graduation as merely a simple occassion. While the rest had gone to the salon to have their make-up and hair done, I just applied baby powder on my face, some lip stick and tied my hair into a pony tail.

And now..
I just couldn't understand why I couldn't feel as euphoric as other people do when they know that they are going to graduate with honors. Yes, this is what I want - to graduate with flying colors but why I am feeling so empty like something's telling me that the journey is not really the end of what I want in life. Could it be because I know I still have to face the challenges of Med. school soon? Will this emptiness come to a halt during Med. school graduation? Will I truly be happy then?


  1. Ang alam ko lang ay lilipas din ang pakiramdam na iyan, magsisisi ka kung bakit mo hindi ninamnam ang sandali, nakakalason ang ganyang ugali,galing na rin kasi ako dyan. Ingat! baka masanay ka!

    ika nga, masaya at maikli lang nag buhay! WAG KANG MAGPAPAHULI! :)