Friday, April 3, 2009

Thinking Again..

"No class" days are the worst type of days. You would be tempted to think a lot of things and that includes your journey towards self-satisfaction. I just came from a DR completion. Yup! I got another case again in DR. I was charting then when suddenly this question popped somewhere in my mind: 'is this what you really want?' Grrr.. I hate asking myself about that because I know the answer. Honestly, it would be safe to say that I don't know. There were moments when I love every minute of it but there were also times when I seek of a career that would suit my personality and one that I would NEVER grew tired of doing. Something that I could live forever.

Sad thing is, I can't tell by now what it is. Yes, I would like to become a doctor but I am also attracted to the fields of journalism and commerce.


I would like to study other fields. In that way, I would be able to know kung ano ba talaga ang gusto ko..

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