Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is it!

March 31, 2009
1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

This day is I guess the most awated day of the fourth year students. It's our graduation! It marks the end of homeworks, sleepless nights, case studies, and quizzes. But it is also the beginning of a lot of things. The beginning of a new chapter of our lives, of new people to socialize with, and new routine.

I find it weird because we all are looking forward for this day to come but feeling of emptiness fills us. Is it because we KNOW TOO WELL that we are going to miss a lot of things? Personally, I'll miss my classmates, the school, the routine, the cramming (nyahaha!), etc.

Let me just post here some of the most memorable moments and people in my college life:
*First year college:
-I will NEVER forget how silly I am to cry at Kalay's house just because I hit the ball too hard and her grandma got upset.
-The P.E practices at Obrero and Margarita Vill. gym are unforgettable!
-The birth of ate and kapatid piggy (me and Khati) - lol.
-Cramming moments during Filipino times (remember the scrapbook?).
-Dalagdag farms (I.T project with Kit2, R.B., Ellen, Jane, Irene, and Khati).
-First crush (nyay! - erase!).

*Second year college:
-Return demonstrations (CI ko daw si Peony who gave me 0 for courtesy!). hahaha! Hope to see you soon Peon!
-Bonding moments with Ken and Ralph
-Chinese lessons with Lilet - hehe.
-Lunchmates! Mark, Marj, and Ralph
-Bully = Wilmar
-Txt 'till dawn! Hahaha!
-P.H.C na sobrang hirap..
-IVF calculations with Ate Anna
-MGH palagi ang mga patients assigned sa akin..hmpf!

*Third year college:
-First out of town experience!
-Pressure and more pressure..
-Business galore sa classroom!
-Petty fights with Meldz (funny kaayo tah-hihi).

*Fourth year college:
-New section
-Digos duty is simply the best!
-Seminars are uber great - lingaw kaayo (especially ang mga special no.)
-Cramming sa Asian Civ.
-Plus points kay Maam Jubahib
-Seatmates sa N.C.M = Paty and R.R (the best ang food and company ninyo)
-Students ko sa ward: I'll miss you!

Whew! We've been through a lot and now we must be ready to face more challenges ahead. Sabi nga nila welcome to reality na!

We can do this!

Good luck to NLE! See you soon future R.Ns. Hope to work with you! I miss you and I love you all. My college life wouldn't be this great without you.


  1. may plano gud ko na magsulat og entry like this, naunahan lang ko nimo! :P

    jo, apiiiiir! so happy, part ka sa akong college life! :)

  2. congratz...
    my turn
    welcome to the real life..