Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Good news! Finally, I'm done with 6 OR cases (5 major and 1 minor). I went to General Santos City last week for the completion of my OR exhibits. I like the city! It's peaceful yet it still makes you feel you're in a city. Basta so hard to explain..

I totally love the staff of St. Elizabeth Hospital. They're very nice. I actually learn a lot from my 3-days OR experience in the said institution. Thank you so much!

Yesterday, I went to SPH to visit my niece. Talagang nakakaawa ang mga bata 'pag na-oospital..

And now, I'll be busy with the exhibit forms (both in DR and OR) and with the self-review for NLE. Next week, Zyra and I will continue our training for medical transcriptionist in QP Global. Whew! This will be a crazy month!


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