Friday, July 17, 2009


Life is NOT ALWAYS a bed of roses..

Three days ago, I can't explain what I'm feeling. It's an excitement, euphoria, anxiety just because I'm so overwhelmed with the blessings that I have. In one day, I received good news like I'll be trained in a certain company that helps clients develop their photographic memory. It's just a part time job but VERY interesting and good pay too. An hour after I left their office, I got an SMS from a woman in Tagum City informing me that she'll purchase Victoria's Secret body mist. When I went home, I received another SMS from Japan telling me that she'll purchase a bag. And when I checked my online store, someone left a message telling me that she'll buy a shirt. Ecstatic!

But life is not always on the bright side. Sometimes, we have to go through challenges that will eventually make us better persons. Right now, I'm still waiting for my client if she'll still pursue on buying the items (Victoria's Secret) while I never received another message from the other two. Patience..^_^

I'm thinking right now on how to patch things up with the supplier. I don't want to be placed under Bogus Buyers because I'm not.

I'm like a drained battery. I can't focus though I'm done with nursing review pocket notes that I made and that audio review on pharmacology. I'm still hoping that things will be alright tomorrow. I love you tomorrow!

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  1. jo, audio review never works on me. i always end up sleeping. hehe