Saturday, August 15, 2009


"Walang araw na malungkot. Mas masaya ka lang kahapon kaya akala mo malungkot ka ngayon."
-Bob Ong-

The words perfectly describe the emotion that I have at this very moment. Feel happier yesterday, a little less happy today. Different thoughts are running inside. I've been thinking of these:

*Cannibad at IGACOS
>I miss the combination of sun, salt, water and fun! After NLE, I will definitely hit the beach.

*A good book
>I miss my books (I sold them). It's been a while since I bought a good book. I know, I know, I should read or shall I say focus more on reviewers, etc.:(
>This book is a good one. I've read the synopsis while waiting for my mom.

and I'm thinking of..

BLOOD LETTING (donating blood=saving lives)

I feel better now. Have to go! I still have to submit the certification to the lawyer. Good day!

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