Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time for Everything

"There's a time to love, time to care, and time to wait..."

This is a typical day when you wish you are sitting in a couch with a mug of hot chocolate on one hand (don't forget the mallows on top!). I've been suspecting my niece of having measles because she has this maculopapular rash on the head and on her trunk. She's febrile for three days already. From her CBC, the doctor said that she has a viral infection. The consultation was made on Sunday. At that time, I was thinking of systemic viral infection but could it be?

Yesterday, my cousin-in-law told me that base on urinalysis, my niece also has urinary tract infection (for the second time around). I suggested of not using diapers anymore. But for the meantime my suggestion could not be carried out because my niece is having diarrhea (poor little girl - huhu). Looking at her weak eyes made me cry because I love her. I don't have a sister so I treat her as one.

Her mom is pregnant and if it is really measles then it would be dangerous for her baby. I volunteered to babysit for a while. The fever, runny nose, cough - hmm..I'm really thinking of measles. I just need to look on one thing, Koplik spots! But when I was about to check her buccal mucosa, my penlight won't work (grrr!). My cousin told me that they'll bring her tomorrow morning to the doctor (the right thing to do).

At times like this, my dream of becoming a doctor lights even more. I want to specialize in Family Medicine so that I could treat diseases concerning all ages. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend Med. school by next year but I'm pretty sure that this dream won't falter.

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