Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meant To Be

I want to write something but I don't know how to start it. Okay, let me just begin this post with my whereabouts these past few weeks. As usual, I spend my 8 hours in a day in the review center - trying to absorb everything that I tried to suppress. There are depressing days but there are also hilarious ones. There are also these 'chasing dreams' moments and pig-out plans. I love my gang (my friends/review buddies)! Thank you so much for the laughter, for the gossips (lol), and for the friendship. I'll miss you!

November 29 is fast approaching but I lift it all to Him. I know that I'll not be answering the questions alone. I have faith in Him and in my self.

Four more years to find the right person - tsk,tsk. I'm not that patient so please show up! Haha. The thought (and the fact) of being an NBSB (no bf since birth) member is sometimes irritating.

I miss blogging so much!

Oh well, I can't think of anything interesting so bye for now! ^_^

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