Saturday, October 10, 2009

Right Time

Lately I'm so engrossed with the NLE review but thanks to the world wide web, I still can relate with the current events. Hmmm..where would I start?

Have you watched the interview of a certain politician? Indeed it's a suicide interview! I salute the journalists for that. Good job!
We are still a third world country and that's because of people like you! Corrupt people, you were sent to good schools certainly not to learn the tactics of your dirty game. This is a calling for us Filipinos to vote base on integrity and not on popularity. A hundred pesos bribe could not suffice a million families' needs. Think about it.

These past few days' scenarios were heart-breaking ones. Lives were taken in a snap and in a short while, it was like the end of the world. Yes, it did something good in drawing from us the value of bayanihan but do we have to lose a lot of lives before we could start caring for each other?

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