Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back to Blogging

I miss my blog! I miss writing anything here!

The Nurse's Licensure Examination is over. I'm crossing my fingers and praying really, really hard to be able to make it.

Can't think of a single topic so I'll be posting 22 (since I'm turning 22 by January) random things about me:
*Two words that best describe me: ambitious (in a good way) and workaholic

*Dream jobs: become part of a magazine editorial staff, dermatologist,  travelling journalist

*Fashion boo-boo: ALWAYS wearing capri pants

*First kiss: it was just an accident but I still considered it as my first - 1st grade (with my crush :p)

*Best gift received: jewelry musical box (given by my mom during my 10th birthday)

*I can't live without: pastries!

*Common misconception: 80% of the people I knew firmly believed that I am a very good student who always do things right - WRONG. I cram, cut classes and even excuse myself from class especially if I feel burnout.

*Dream local destionations: Batanes Island and Vigan

*Biggest insecurity: my legs and arms :(

*What people don't know about me: I'm a spoiled brat (but I'm trying my best to change)

*Greatest fear: roaches especially flying roaches!

*Love people who are: s-e-n-s-i-b-l-e

*Hate people who are: hypocrites

*1st love: I do believe he is my soulmate albeit not meant to be together :)

*1st time being laughed at: 4th grade when I mispronounced Simon (I pronounced it as 'SEMON')

*If this is my last day on earth: I will spend my day doing crazy things like kiss the 1st cute guy in the mall, drink beer 'til I drop and probably dip in the pool with butt naked (haha!)

*Would love to receive:  AN ANTIQUE LOCKET

*Pig-out means: eating a party-sized pizza alone, eating a half gallon of ice cream, and munching on a bucket of fries!

*For a day, I would like to be a pilot :-D

*1st book that made me cry: Tuesdays with Morrie

*Craziest thing I've done: said 'yes' but ended the pseudo-relationship after a minute

*You'll NEVER catch me eating okra (eew) :p


  1. *your legs and arms are not that bad kaya! :)
    *fear? how bout Freddie Roach? nyaha *corny*
    *i love okra!
    you're backkkkkkk! GREAT!

  2. hahaha nktawa jud ko spoiled diay ka bay? hehe..hay mean jud ang grade skul..ngano man diay si semon be..hehe lol. link tka jo ha. hehe
    hi yuli!

  3. in a way, yes..

    basta sa balay kay dapat ma.follow jud akong mga wants..haha!

    kaya gani ana si mama na wala daw kabalo ang mga tao na maldita daw ko kay if ever dili makuha ang gusto, masuko..hehe