Monday, December 7, 2009


I've been using all my energy these past few days. This journey towards independece isn't as easy as I thought. Sometimes I couldn't help but agree that life is all about working - that in order to live, we have to work. Money alone may not help us get through with life's hurdles but it is an essential to keep up with whatever path we want to take.

With my 3-day part-time job experience, I realized that:
  • you have to sweat a LOT to achieve whatever you want to be (there's no shortcut to success)
  • sometimes we have to swallow our pride 
  • going to school is A LOT BETTER than working :(
  • work is not considered work if you love what you're doing 
  • plans should be REALISTIC (we're not superman or superwoman)
  • maraming magaganda at gwapo sa davao city! mabuhay! lol

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