Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let It Flow

Value each person in your life. Don't push them or at least try to be nice even if you are having your period or mood swings for you couldn't take back what you've done or said to them. Take it from me - I've been there for a couple of times. And now I find myself alone albeit not lonely. I couldn't blame them. I push them away thinking that they won't grew tired of me. But I'm wrong. People grew tired with people who don't want them in their lives. Martyrs belong to only a small percentage of this population.

I should have been nicer.

I should have told them how I feel.

I should have thank them.

I should have let the feeling flow.

I should have let myself fall in love..

These I should statements are holding me back. Yes, we should not be trapped in our past but once in a while it feels so good to look back especially if yesterday is filled with happier memories.

Lessons learned.

Let it flow.

If we got hurt, it's alright - we're humans. 

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