Friday, December 25, 2009

Live & Love

An hour ago, my mom received a call informing her that a former co-worker's daughter passed away. She's just 17.

Death comes in the most unexpected hour. This sounds cliche but news like this reminds us that all of us are walking time bombs. Death, unlike our birth, is NEVER an anticipated moment. We live at the moment but we are unsure whether we can still witness sunrise the next day.

I am not an expressive person (at least with only the use of spoken words but not with actions). I find it hard to say what I want, sometimes leading to conflict. But I show it - if I care, love, hate or want someone to go away. So one must really be good in deciphering actions.

To my friends: SG, Gerks, Meldz, Ken, Peony, Angie, Angel, Khati, Beshy (Missy), Zyra, Julie.
I may not go out with you that often but I want to tell you that I love you guys! Thank you for the happiness and sadness we've shared together. Moments with you are some of the best times of my life.

And to all that I had loved, all actions are genuine. I don't want to regret the moments I spent with you.

Buhay nga naman. Minsan nakakalimutan natin ito. Araw-araw iniisip natin kung ano ang uulamin o gagawin mamaya o kinabukasan sa halip na isipin ang NGAYON. Opo, mahalaga ang kinabukasan ngunit nakakasigurado ba tayo na MAY BUKAS PAng naghihintay sa atin?

So let's live and love NOW.

Do the things that you know would make you happy.

Challenge yourself each day by doing something new (or for some you can't do).

Let go of grudges. It will just make you feel miserable.

Don't wait for things to happen, MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Say I love you and mean it (I think I need to practice this more often - hehe).

Don't hide your feelings. If you feel like crying, then let the tears flow. If you love him/her, show it.


Happy Holidays!

I love you all!

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