Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Formula

Just give me another 5 minutes and I'll sign out, ok? Let me just post this - hehe. I thought that my not-so-boring days will end on the 30th of November but on the 3rd day of this month, I came up with a formula that keeps me going.

The following are my 'recent reasons' to get up, smile, and greet the day:
*the morning news - the morning shows make me nostalgic of semestral breaks
*Ava's laughter
(Ava: Ann! Me: Yes? Yes? Ava: *laughs* - I don't know why! lol)
*my student
*chit-chat with Zyra
*cool breeze each morning (ang sarap matulog)
*the thought of meeting my 'man' one of these days (dream on! lol)

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