Sunday, December 27, 2009

Save More!

I'm supposed to make the last evaluation tool for my student but I gave in (again) to blogging. I found these in the internet. These are cool ways to recycle your magazines and old cassette tapes.

For your old magazines, you can turn them into marble magnets. Just like these:

for a step-by-step tutorial, you can check out this site:

And for your old cassette tapes, you can make them into wallets just like this one:

you can click on this link for a tutorial:

Since yesterday I was thinking of buying some books and a new pair of sneakers but then I realized that I woudn't use the books after I'm done reading them and as for a new pair of shoes, I still got a pair though they're a bit old (anyways, I wouldn't use them while strolling in the malls - they are just for running).

As of this moment, I'm so irritated with our internet connection (snail's movement is faster than the connection - grrr!).

Bye for now! I still have to make the examination and I have to sleep early (I'll start running for health tomorrow!).

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