Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back to Blogging

I was busy with part-time jobs that's why I was not able to update this blog. Anyways, blessings keep on pouring and I want to thank God for all of these. Mwah!

BTW, I just turned 22 two days ago! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Lol. We only had simple dinner with family and some relatives. I'm 22 and still single..:( Well, there are STILL numerous ways to share your LOVE, right? 

I was reading other people's blogs and I saw this: Pick a country you would like to visit, learn the language and plan to travel there after graduation.

That is just though a part of the blogger's post.

I like that tip (if it's how you call it) for when I was in my last year in college, I really (to the nth power) want to visit Japan! The land of the rising sun, of great culture..

a place where beautiful cherry blossoms grow..


a country so loved by techies..


and of course, it is a place for food lovers (just like me!).


I will save (A LOT) for this destination.

How about you? Where would you like to travel/what country would you like to visit?
Drop some love. Tc!

'til next blog post! Have a great day!


  1. Hi Belated Happy Beartdei! =)...Still Single?hmm blessed those who waits. You will be very lucky soon if you already meet the one..Take care..ciao!

  2. jo? have you seen the movie, the last samurai? geee! you'll love japan more!!!

  3. @ kha: tnx for the greeting kha! more power to your blog!

    @ yuli: not yet. as in jul? waaaah! bcg magdrool lang ko sa mga places did2..hehe. btw, la pa gud nako nahulog ang mga donations.. huhu. nagtxt man ang taga-BMDR na pwd pa daw. ang nabilin na lang man gud sa akong salary this week kay 200. Dapat jud makapalit kog daghan2 for next week para sa ilaha..:(

  4. jo belated happy birthday.. hindi ko nakalimutan bday mo ha.. wala lng talaga ako gaload.. wala din ko ga net.. hehe...