Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!

Happy new year everyone! I know this post is a bit late. This is a tribute to 2009.

My UPs and DOWNs of 2009:

*My father lost his job  (January 2009)
*Financial crisis hit the family (all throughout the year - lol)
*My father was admitted in the hospital (he fell in a bamboo fence)

*My mother became a board member of a certain group + she got another job
*We bought a sidecar for my father
*I graduated Magna Cum Laude
*My older brother and three other classmates won the 1st place in a contest that involves showcasing 'inventions' in the field of electronics and communication
*He {my older brother} had graduated na rin and months after found a job!
*I was able to take NLE
*Found new friends!
*I was able to find part-time jobs!

As you could see, there were more UPs than DOWNs but our journey in 2009 had been really, really tough. We're together though and that's the biggest blessing that God gave us for years! Thank you Lord, you're really great!

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