Sunday, February 14, 2010

Feel so Great!

 Kung Hei Fat Choi! I've been so busy these past few days with organizing our high school reunion, tutorial sessions, etc but I feel so GREAT! I realized that the way we perceive things affect our decisions in life. Lately I was trying to change my way of thinking and I can say through that, I was able to DO MORE and LOVE MYSELF MORE and MORE. I thank my cousins for helping me get out of my shell. I used to be VERY SHY. I don't socialize a lot and I would rather stay home than have a party but they were the ones who pushed me to become the BETTER ME. Thank you! I heart you so much! 
I had some of my FIRST TIMES during our bonding sessions with cousins: 
*December 2009: first time to wear a sleeveless mini-dress in public! 
*February 2010: first time to wear a two-piece (lol). 

*more to come..:) 

Today we are not just celebrating the Chinese New Year for this day is Hearts' Day. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! It's my 22nd year to celebrate it alone. Sometimes I ask myself if it's my fault why I'm still single. Haiz..

I Need To Be In Love
The hardest thing I've ever done
Is keep believing
There's someone in this crazy world
For me
The way that people come and go
Thru temporary lives
My chance could come and I might never know

I used to say "No promises,
Let's keep it simple"
But freedom only helps you say
It took a while for me to learn
That nothin' comes for free
The price I've paid is high enough for me

(*) I know I need to be in love
I know I've wasted too much time
I know I ask perfection of
A quite imperfect world
And fool enough to think that's
What I'll find

So here I am with pockets full
Of good intentions
But none of them will comfort me
I'm wide awake at four a.m.
Without a friend in sight
Hanging on a hope but I'm alright


  1. hahahaha..forget it uie..

    oist sabay ta ha next week for registration..:)