Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I really love staying at home. And when I'm home, I cook. Yeah, I know how to cook simple dishes. 

*Pork Sinigang*

*BBQ Sauce (not a good experiment)*
Sweet-blend ketchup+soy sauce+sugar+water+gravy = hmmm..throw up? lol.

Of course I will not end this post without my pic.
*The Vest and Me (I'm so in love with this vest)*


  1. narcisa, ehehe. new fone lah?? ganda ng resolution ah! sumexy ka yata??!! :)

  2. hei julie! hmmm..actually mag 2 mos na ang phone..hehe. pero I'll be selling my baby tomorrow to buy P1 (super cute man gud ang P1 bah) and rare lang nako ginagamit ang applications sa phone).

    hmm..same gihapon ang lawas uie.

    btw..benta gud nako ng vest and white tank top kya lang gisukat2 nako kay CRUSH kaayo nako..hehe