Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Make It Happen

I just attended a seminar on basic CPR but forcing myself to attend it wasn't easy. My friend, who is supposed to go with me, told me that she will not be able to make it. I'm a really shy person so attending that seminar alone is already a BIG DEAL for me. Thoughts were running inside my head, each one is justifying their presence. One thought pushes me to attend out of a NEED (I really have to review CPR) but the other one is telling me to just skip the seminar because of unfamiliar place (the last time I've been in that venue was 4 years ago) and people. The latter makes the second thought powerful. I don't like it when I'm feeling helpless. 

Fortunately, the NEED thought wins. I realized that it's a MUST for a health care worker to know and master the basics of CPR. I went to the venue, asked the guards of the direction and gladly, I was able to find a seat, next to a schoolmate. An hour had passed and I realized that I don't feel like a 'stranger' there. 

Fear indeed is our number one foe when it comes to achieving something. Sometimes we don't want to try because we dread failure. We keep ourselves in our comfort zones because we are afraid of losing something if we attempt to step out of it. But today's accomplishment makes me feel really good. I feel empowered to do something more, maybe greater someday (in God's own time). 

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