Monday, February 15, 2010

Miss Them!

Yesterday, we had some sort of a party with high school classmates/friends. It's supposed to be a reunion but oh well, as usual, only few people attended the said 'event'. It was fun though. We started at 8:00pm and ended at around 4:00am! I miss the GERKS (sana na-kumpleto tayo). Anyways, I hope that we'll have a blast next reunion/party and hopefully, 50% or more will come. 

Talks about our high school memories were fun! There was never a dull moment. 
I really, really MISS these moments. 

A BIG THANKS to Luchie, Crisline (I miss you girlfriends!), Magi, Jhun Greg, BJ, Gaude, Kenneth, James, Marifer, Irina - I had a great time!

Me and Crisline - I hope we can go scuba diving together soon..:)

Ma'am Luchie! 


*The gang*

Sa uulitin!

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