Saturday, March 13, 2010

Job Finder

I'm writing this post to help job seekers here in Davao City. Good luck in job hunting!
1. Job Street - This is my favorite site. You can view vacancies in various fields and locations even though you're not a registered member but registration here is totally free. Why register? By becoming a member, you could apply directly to the company (online application). It also has an application where you could make your resume and they have this some sort of evaluation to see if the position you're applying for fits your education, skills, and interest.  
Guide: Read the qualifications first before you click Apply Online
~My experience ~
Invitation for an interview: 1

2. Davao Sale (DS) - Unlike job street, the scope of DS is wider. It does not only cater the needs of job seekers but it's for consumers in general. There are more than 10 categories in the site and one of it is Jobfinder. There are times when it takes 2 days or longer before you could see new job posts. The secret? Just be patient. 
~My experience~
Got 3 jobs from this site: (a) part-time tutor  (b) captcha encoder  (c) part-time writer
Invitation for an interview: 3

3. Career Jet - I find the site useful but not as convenient as job street. It has lists of vacant jobs in various categories. Just click the ones that you like and it's up to you if you are going to apply online (by sending your application letter and resume) in the employer's e-mail address (it is written in the ad) or by personally submitting it. 
~My experience~
Invitation for an interview: 1

Other sites that you could try are the following:
As with my experience (I'm still one of the job seekers), I almost got hired in some invitations for an interview but I dropped my applications. I learned that before you step into this job-hunting activity, reflect or think a lot of times what you really want to do. I end up dropping my application because at the end of each interview, I realized that it's not what I want to do. So don't repeat my mistakes - you'll just waste the time of your employer and yours too. 

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