Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Joy of Being a Girl!

I used to say how I would love to be a boy because life seems to be a breeze for them. But lately I feel so lucky to be a Venusian because..
*girls' talk is juicier! 
*I can dress up for less
*showing of emotions is not a problem
*and a lot more..:p

Girl Power Photos:

 ~The person that I looked up to - my mom~
Girl power: She currently has 3 jobs (being a mom and wife is the 4th one). 
And she does each task so well.
I'm one proud daughter! 

 ~Baby Ava~
Girl power: Don't underestimate this little girl. She could be too young (1 year and 9 months) but she can talk her heart out. And that's pretty amazing. 

~Love your own: me-lol~
Feeling like Mrs. Wolverine in this pic. 

~I told you I super love this tank top :p~

~Life may be a bit challenging these days but there are still enough reasons to be insanely happy.~

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