Friday, April 23, 2010

Difficult Personality

Joann took the "What is the symbol of your personality?" quiz and the result is Veil.

You thrive on ideas. Sometimes you are like the naked branches of winter, raw and real and true, the weathered rocks of life, the rough barks of trees, but that's yourself when you are being creative. You are very creative: you have so many ideas and characters and drawings and things swimming inside your mind. Your personality sometimes takes shape of those characters and things, and sometimes you make people confused. Your emotions, most of your life, have been veiled. You have been living a hidden life inside your closet of emotions and thoughts that you feel like you look at the world very differently. When you talk to people, sometimes, it's like script. People think you're interesting. They want to get to know more about you, and sometimes, you let loose things because you are glad to let go of some things and to share some secrets, but other times, you leave them disappointed, veiled again. You have a difficult and complex personality, but once someone is fond of you, they can never let you go--you're just as attracting.

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