Friday, April 16, 2010

Null (almost)

*I don't know what to write in this entry. I'm supposed to write about my comfort zones like school, home, and being single but I just don't have the right 'mix' of emotions right now to start this (that's why it's null=empty). 

*I'm bored with this sleep-wake-up-eat-work online cycle. I want something more. I badly need a work. I need to smell the hospital and talk with patients once again. I'm not really sure if I love the nursing profession but I'm quite sure of this: it makes me feel giddy inside when I work with people especially if I act as a change agent. 

*I want to visit a Korean store near our house. They have a LOT of good stuff there. I'll try to ask the manager's permission so that I could take pictures and post it here. 

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