Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm not sure now if I'm going to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a doctor. I realized these past few days what I really want to do and that concerns entrepreneurship.

I grow up watching how mom meet our needs and wants through business and I'm always interested with that. I had my first business venture when I was 13 years old. It was summer time and I'm bored young gal with no money on pockets so I decided to sell some cool drinks and snacks to our neighbors with a capital of PHP 100. Since then, I find joy in selling something. In college, aside from making my first online store, I sell snacks and accessories to my classmates. And it helped me during 'case study and duty days'. 

I still engage in online selling :p

Two days ago, I made some changes in my dream board. Here are some of the changes that I made: 

THEN: Dr. Joann J. Fuertes, RN, RND
*I used to dream about becoming a dermatologist - lol.

NOW: Dr. Joann J. Fuertes, RN
*I wanted to become a chemist because I want to create something useful from the materials that we have locally.

THEN: 5 awards that (assuming) cited my excellence in nursing field

NOW: Courses that I had finished (dreaming is free and it's feasible!)
            -Associate of Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising
            -Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
            -Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
            -Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The rest in the dream board remain unchanged - like the craft shop, restaurant, boutique, buildings and rooms for lease, and of course the charity foundation. 

I know though that along the way things might change again but trust me, these are really what makes my heart beat faster.

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