Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fear and Dreams

I am darn so scared of unforeseen things (and emotions). After passing the board examination, I am still not sure where to go. Will I do this or that? Even the simplest decision of choosing where to apply and when seems to be a big problem. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed of the changes that it doesn't move me. I feel like the world outside is so scary that staying inside my comfort zone is my only refuge. But a sense of panic comes with it especially at times when I think of not doing anything to make my dreams come true. It's MORE SCARY than what lies ahead. 
Reality bites. I have to do this now or NEVER. There are no replays and I have to ACT NOW. 

Even though you know where you're going, it doesn't assure you of anything You still have to WORK HARD on it and take RISKS. True enough, life is a clueless journey. But it sounds fun (and the scary part is still there). 

Whew! I feel better now after writing this.

I can't believe that I'm making decisions now and sticking to it  (adult life is indeed complicated). 

I can do this. 

Wish me luck to my upcoming journey!




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