Friday, May 28, 2010

Finding Self

Dazed, uncertain, confused - three words that best describe my present state. I envy those people who from the start know what they want to be in life. It is my dilemma right now. The feared question is bugging me again and until I find the answer, it won't stop. 

Two days ago, I grab my journal and jot down the things that I want to be and it boils down to four things:
  • entrepreneur
  • fashion designer and merchandiser
  • chemist
  • traveler 
The law attraction says that we have to focus on the end and not on the means but how could I possibly do that?  I'm not just looking for a job, I'm looking for a profession that I could practice for the rest of my life; a profession that would make me feel satisfied; a profession that would make me feel just right. 

First day of IVF Therapy Training is done and I couldn't explain the thoughts running inside my head during the last few hours. I also couldn't consider those thoughts as impulsive because they are the same thoughts that I had back in second year college.

Taking risk is indeed a risk. It's not an easy job especially if you're choosing between the easier way vs the road less traveled. 

So hard..
or is it just me who's making it harder? Do I really know what I want but I'm just afraid to give in? I need help :(

What would really suit me? 
I love..
  • arts
  • traveling
  • observing people 
  • creating new things 
  • talking/dealing with people 
  • doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way
I'm tired of figuring it out. It's not yet late to search for it, right?

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