Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thank You!

These past few days have been really TOUGH. Confusion strikes again but thanks a lot to these people: 
  • Crisline - my high school girlfriend! She never fails to listen and respond (through facebook and SMS). 
  • Harold - my idol! You're really one of those people that I looked up to. Thank you so much for the time spent replying to my messages and for the comforting words. 
  • Lyka and Benjamin - training buddies! Thank you for the support! 
  • Family - you never let me feel alone :)
  • and most especially to Papa God - super thanks! Prayer can indeed move mountains and even shift emotions. You never fail to amaze me. 
  • Just Another Pixel - it's my first time to win an online contest that's related to blogging! Thank you and more power (and followers) to your blog! 

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