Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wishes Do Come True

The best things in life are free! And thank God wishes are not an exemption because if they are, I'll be broke by now.

For the past few years, I've been wishing for these things to happen:
  • To launch a public library where my neighbors could read and borrow books for free!  

I live in a place where a bunch of kids have to work to send themselves to school. Some even opted to sacrificed their studies to help their family. 
  • To build a school near the wet market

 Most vendors bring along their kids to the wet market and I think having a school near the market would be beneficial to both. Parents can concentrate more on selling their goods while their children are left in the school to play and at the same time to learn. 
  •  To visit all the awesome places in the Philippines with my family
I really admired my country for its beauty and for its warm, hospitable people. I would love to visit the different provinces here and write about them. It's a way of inviting people all over the globe to come and see our places. It would be definitely a whole new experience for them.
  •  To help small-scale entrepreneurs that make 100% Pinoy products

I am great believer that we are a rich country (at least with our resources and people). And I would be ecstatic to help small-scale entrepreneurs who make 100% made in the Philippines products, may it be through finances or through marketing.
  • To be able to attend medical school

I really want to become a doctor and work HERE.

How about you? What are your wishes? Feel free to share and post them through this:

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  1. very interesting, hope you get your wishes.
    do join my giveaway too,

  2. very interesting i love you wishes on developent especially the school near a wet market.. and the promotion of filipino products.. nice

  3. @ baterya: thanks! I'm really praying (and will strive hard) so that if not all, most of those wishes will come true..:)