Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

Some things are beyond our control. But we are capable of responding to these things depending on how we want to set our lives. We can mope around and do nothing about it or we can start taking baby steps toward our goal no matter how challenging it may seem. 
Our life doesn't depend on what happen to us but by how we react to them.
Our life is our masterpiece and we are the artists. We can shape it in accordance with our wants. I am at present trying to find my purpose. I sometimes fall to the pit-hole of passiveness but I am glad I still have enough strength to pull myself out and lead my heart to my dreams. 
I don't want to be motivated solely by money or by a promise of a luxurious life. I want to do something that is not just for a day. If I'm going to leave this world, I want to be remembered as a significant being. 
I want to travel and help. 

This dream might not be feasible at the moment for I am also considering my family. I am a Filipino and rooted in our culture is our deep attachment to our family. My parents have been working for decades to provide us with our needs and wants. They are not asking for a return but I think they also deserve a comfortable life. Both came from a middle-class families, striving each day to meet the needs. Though they are not deprived when they are still in their single status but they also haven't experience some of the best things in life. And I want to give them that. They deserve nothing but the best. It's so generous of them to offer me another opportunity to go back to school again. I felt guilty and lucky at the same time. I don't want to be a burden to them anymore. As possible, I want them to be free from worries. At their age, they should have been taking vacations in any place they want. 

And my younger brother. If only I have a stable job, I would be supporting him in his studies  (not my parents) but I did promise him that. He could take any course his heart wishes to if I would be able to land a good opportunity. 

At the end of each day, when I contemplate my life, I came to think that I've been given the opportunity to walk this earth for other people and my life's goals should be directed towards that..

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