Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reality Bites

A few months back, I applied to be a nurse in a clinic. A fellow applicant and I had some sort of bonding after we were advised to go directly to the doctor's office. She graduated and obtained her license on 2008 and just like me, she is also unemployed. She used to work as a writer but quit. She aptly told me that the situation of nurses in our country is depressing. She mentioned the trainings she undergone but she still ended up being unemployed. At that moment, I still couldn't feel the crisis. I had just passed the board examination and I am still at the rejoicing part of getting the license. Now I could fully attest to what she's saying. It's been four months now since I took an oath for this profession but I still couldn't obtain the experience that I needed. Most hospitals (around 90%) require training fees but that doesn't assure you of employment. It still requires hardwork and much of a backer? - lol. Funny but true to some. I heard stories of my friends with regards to that. 

I sent my application forms and resume to four hospitals. This week I'll be taking the examination to one of those hospitals. I got no response from the other two. I'll be going back to the fourth hospital to re-apply as a volunteer since I declined the offer months ago due to some conflict in schedule with the IV Training and with finances. 

Going back. I believe that our country INDEED has an oversupply of nurses. I have classmates who don't really like this field but are forced to due to their parents' demand. I am also a victim of that and when people say there's a reason for everything, woah, it just kills the options that I have in mind. I have friends and classmates whom I believe would be better professionals if they follow and fought for what they want - they could be the best writer, architect, lawyer, chemist, and accountant (to name a few). One fault that I think resulted to this is the kind of mentality that nurses are money-generating individuals; that a nurse in a family will ensure a luxurious life. Whenever our neighbors tell my parents about that, it's so tempting to tell them to just shut up. Yeah that's mean but their remark is meaner. Success is subjective. One person might equate it with money but there are also some who define it as happiness in their profession. I am more on to the latter's definition. When you're happy with what you're doing, it reflects on your output and money just flows. 

That's it. I've said my piece. I'm just darn so depressed this past few days because I couldn't get a decent job that would help me save up to undergo trainings and in a way would help me figure out if I am really into this. I am not qualified to MOST of the job vacancies. And I have this hazy view of my future now. What would I become? 

I just hope that with the new administration, our situation will become better.

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