Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I equate balloons with happiness. Maybe because they're always part of a person's important events - birthdays, anniversary, wedding, etc. By the way, the picture is from google. And I decided to use it to describe how I am these past few days.

Yes, there are still crappy days and those mornings that I need to think first my purpose for that day but overall I learn to appreciate every passing day. I mean life is all about like that - you laugh, you cry, you get angry but at the end, it's still worth to be appreciated.

I meet people with varying personalities and realize that may connection pala be it be when it comes to your work, passion, and even dreams. There's a lot to talk about only if you're not afraid to share a part of yourself with them.

There are instances when people surprised me with their 'thank yous' even though parang wala naman akong ginawa. Just like last night, a classmate back during review days sent me a 'thank you' message. I did nothing the other day but just replied to his messages.It's like a wow. Did my replies really brought some changes?

Anyways, I'll have to end this post. I still need to work =)

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