Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Back!

I've been quite busy for the past few months with article deadlines. Lately, I've been thinking again of I badly want to become a doctor. Motivation is not a problem for I can stay awake 24 hours just to study or do projects. You see, I can work my ass off for my goal.

And last night, my friend popped the question: are you going to take the NMAT this December? I WANT to but I'm thinking of the 'what ifs' after the exam. What if I got my dream score or the score that I would regard as God's sign? Would I pursue my dream? Isn't it selfish? I still has a younger brother who is currently on his first year in college. Though at present, both me and my older brother works but majority of the house expenses (including my younger brother's) are being paid by my mom. She is 48 years old and I wanted her to relax and enjoy life. She's been working so hard for all of us.

Becoming a doctor (despite what my aunt said that I can't make it) is the greatest of all dreams that I have. But financial issues make it hazy for the meantime. If I rely on my current work, can I still keep up with the deadlines especially with the hectic schedule in 

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