Friday, September 3, 2010

Choose to be happy =)

Wealth can't assure you of happiness but self-fulfillment can. I can't stand individuals who keep on pushing me to do things for the sake of money. Yes, money is a power but it can't make you happy for a lifetime, right?

I thought my only reason of taking this field is to please my mom but it turns out that I have other reasons why I chose to stay:
(1) I'm workaholic and get easily bored. My profession deals a LOT of work and caters to the needs of different people that's why I kinda like it.

(2)I want to travel. I would rather die as a poor yet well-traveled individual than become someone who's got much wealth but hadn't seen the world. This is the reason why I want to work abroad (I want to explore other places!).

(3)I realized that we are merely temporary tenants of this planet and it is only through service that we'll know that our time here mattered.

We can't help people from expecting too much from us but we have the capacity to free ourselves from the unneccessary stress they bring. =)

*Monday will be my official first day of training. I'm both nervous and excited but I'll not quit (that's for sure). I also can't wait to start living my dream life - learn, travel, eat, work =)

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