Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Prayers CAN INDEED change the way we view things. It's not a surprising fact that I'm really not into this field. That is why before I went to my am shift yesterday, I prayed hard to God to give me a reason to stay. Prayer's answered I guess. I don't know but of all the patients and watchers in the ward, I was deeply moved by one watcher. Maybe because of his willingness to do anything for his son. Kung mayaman lang sana ako, ako na ang bibili sa mga gamot nila. On a brighter side, it motivated me to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor and serve this country. Yes, we do have a lot of doctors but the number is still not enough for the growing population especially those in the far-flung areas. 

I hope my quest for a medical scholarship will be a success.
I want to live up with the orthopedic department's motto: serve others before yourself.

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