Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Too Little Time

Things have really been tough this week. I have this love-hate relationship with my profession. I'm bored and I want to do more. I want something of which I can express my creativity. Wanting too many in such limited time is crazy, not to mention, impossible. I am still an online writer, I work before or after duty hours and that drains me.

I want to love this field but there are certain things that bother me.

I enjoy writing and that's the only way I can feel that I'm living beyond the four corners of the hospital. I'm tired yet I still yearn to do something that I truly love. I believe that people will become more productive if they do something that they enjoy. I just don't want a job; I want a career. 
But I'll still go on with this 5-month training and we'll see what will become of me. If things will go worse, it would I guess be better for me to have a change of career. It may sound a foolish act to many but at least, I'm happy. Life is too short to be someone you aren't. 

For the meantime, I'll be dropping the excess baggage =)

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