Saturday, October 23, 2010

Don't Give Up

Like any other week, this week has been full of ups and downs. Let me start with 'happy things.' On top of the list is my new netbook! I'm like a dog with 10 tails as I touch the shiny skin of "Blackie", my ASUS eeepc 1005p netbook. A day after the purchase, I bought a router, netbook cooler, and an optical mouse. And now, I'm broke - lol. Another happy thought: reunion with newfound friends during the seminar. I miss them so much! One of the good things that this training had brought is that it broaden my circle of friends. Third happy thought, have seen my crushes - lol. 

Enough for the giddiness.
This week has been SO stressful. I have to finish projects on time (my online work). Plus, I need to stay energetic for my duty. I'm not superwoman and I'm coping in a negative way. I've been absent from my duty for two days this week, in total I have 3 absences during night shift duties and 1 absence in an am shift. I feel like the most irresponsible in this planet. I'm not like this. I've always perceived myself as responsible and with good work ethics. I want to change. I can't be like this forever. I learned to love this field though there are times that I would wish that I'd be in the same field but different area. 

I need to change. That's it. 
Juggling work and training is HARD but I have to cope.

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